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Status: Full time / Part time | Salary: TBD


* Work in a fast paced work environment that you can give your all to the position in exchange for company promotion and advancement
* The major duties are:
o payroll management
o time clock management
o pre-hiring personnel needs
o working with our various internship programs
o company statistics gathering
o scanning, mailing, and faxing documents
o any other tasks that will further the company.

Experience/Skills Required:

* Typing speed of at least 60 wpm
* Business grade organization skills
* Ability to accomplish many tasks in a day.
* Ability to focus on one task at a time, but also juggle many tasks until completion.
* Must be able to accomplish tasks on time, on a weekly basis. Such as payroll and statistics reporting.
* Note: This is a "work at home" type of position, however the applicant must give full focus to the position and cannot be the primary care giver to any children or elderly adults during work hours. Thank you.

Highly Desired:

* 2 years prior office desk job experience as a personal secretary, Human Resources Dept., or owning your own business.


There are 2 Steps to completing the Application Process. Both steps MUST BE COMPLETED TOGETHER. Thank you


Step 1: Upload Your Resume

Please RENAME your resume like this "Last Name, First Name Resume"; (Example: Smith, John Resume)


Step 2: Fill out the Form Below to APPLY HERE

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*  Type of Application: If you choose Internship, we will consider this a trial run for you and look at hiring you in the future after you prove yourself in the position.
*  Position Applying For:
If you wish to apply for more than one position, simply go to that Position's Page and then submit another application.
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