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Status: Full time / Part time / Internship | Salary: TBD


* Can work from remote location (like home)
* Writes text and content for the website and other digital media
* Writes articles, newsletters, emails, promotional materials, advertising, eBooks...

Experience/Skills Required:

* Be able to complete projects in a timely manner
* Typing must be at 50 wpm or more
* Highly detail oriented
* At least 2 years of on-the-job advertising writing experience
* Note: This is a "work at home" type of position, however the applicant must give full focus to the position and cannot be the primary care giver to any children or elderly adults during work hours. Thank you.
* Must have portfolio of your own work

Highly Desired:

* Long Page Sales Letter writing is desirable
* Split Testing Experience is desirable
* Writing Google Ad copy before is desirable
* Spanish speakers welcome
* Other languages are welcome as well.


There are 2 Steps to completing the Application Process. Both steps MUST BE COMPLETED TOGETHER. Thank you


Step 1: Upload Your Resume

Please RENAME your resume like this "Last Name, First Name Resume"; (Example: Smith, John Resume)


Step 2: Fill out the Form Below to APPLY HERE

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*  Last Name:  
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*  Country:  
*  Type of Application: If you choose Internship, we will consider this a trial run for you and look at hiring you in the future after you prove yourself in the position.
*  Position Applying For:
If you wish to apply for more than one position, simply go to that Position's Page and then submit another application.
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